Filtration all fluids : liquid or pasty

Discover on this page more information about the filters all fluids manufactured by the company ESIM and its methods of filtration. You will get a better idea of ​​his expertise !

All about fluid filters

A filter can not be a standard production since each fluid to be treated has its peculiarities.

Our know-how and our custom work allow you to have a material that meets all your needs.

Our filters all fluids are made according to CODAP or ASME Section VIII. Our boilermaking workshops and precision mechanics are able to carry out for you self-cleaning filters in manual and automatic version, filter baskets, cartridges, consumables or regenerable, bags, magnetic filters.

These sets can be mounted as a wall, freestanding or mobile trolley.
Finally, we respond with our National Marine certifications under ISO 9000-9001.


At ESIM, we work all kinds of metals :

  • Steels
  • Stainless steel
  • Inconel
  • Titanes
  • Cupro Aluminum
  • Aluminum
  • Uranus B6
  • Duplex - Super Duplex

The materials will always be defined in order to obtain between them, in different shades, the best possible compatibility, given the nature of the fluid, and thus avoid any corrosions or phenomena of electrolytic couples.

Filtration of fluids

Thanks to its filters all fluids ESIM is able to handle all kinds of products. Discover below a non-exhaustive list of fluids she has already treated before :


  • Seawater and freshwater
  • Demineralized water
  • The waters of boilers
  • The descaling waters
  • Fuel oil, gas oil
  • Oils, greases
  • The paintings
  • Mastics, plastisols
  • Adhesives, glues
  • Synthetic resins, varnishes
  • Tars
  • Etc.